Dancing with Takhoma

            Opening up our new pajamas on Christmas Eve, elaborate Halloween decorations throughout the house, there some things my family just does. Most of us play volleyball, basketball or were runners in high school. I fell into this last category as I have poor hand-eye coordination. Competing in Track and Field in Spring and CrossContinue reading “Dancing with Takhoma”

The Pride from Wy’east

Under the tutelage of elders who carried us into times which make us proud to be Indian – we must serve those to come by making everyone accepting of Indians.             Resting easy over the Yakama Nation, Pahto has provided for our people since time immemorial. Standing at 12,280’, Pahto’s gentle Southern rising slopes attractContinue reading “The Pride from Wy’east”

A Letter to those Seeking Takhoma’s Summit

            The allure of Takhoma has long preceded the brutal conquest that now replaced names of its features with names adapted for the english tongue. Ascending it’s trails and traversing it’s glaciers with these adapted names lures us into forgetting the history which is carried in this land. Naming is a central act of buildingContinue reading “A Letter to those Seeking Takhoma’s Summit”